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Frequently Asked Questions

At Rice Family Dentistry, we believe that providing exceptional oral healthcare services starts with addressing your concerns. Below are answers to some of the most common dental care questions we receive.

If you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with us in Winfield, Kansas.

Are you taking precautions to keep me safe from COVID?

We are following the ADA, CDC, KDB, KDA guidelines to keep patients and staff safe. Please see our infection control policy on our homepage.

Is it safe for me to have dental treatment?

Yes, it is safe to have dental treatment. Our office is dedicated to keeping our patients and staff safe by doing the following:

-ask covid screening questions during appointment confirmation and upon entering building

-take staff and patient's temperature upon entering the building

-all staff will wear face masks

-front lobby will be cleaned with Pinesol following the arrival and exit of every patient (door handles, restroom, seats, pens, clip board)

-clinic staff will wear PPE (N95 masks, face shields, gown, gloves)

-clinic staff will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after every procedure

-instruments will be heat sterilized per the manufacturer

-clinic staff will disinfect all chair, table surfaces, lights, water and suction devices with OPTIM disinfecting wipes between every patient

-Dr Rice and assistant will use an additional suction device to reduce aerosol and hygiene will use a DART or suction funnel if needed for cavitron use

-clinic area will be closed to lobby to allow clinic heating/ac unit to utilize UV light for decontamination

-we ask all patients to use hand sanitizer that is located at front desk and to wear a mask until seated in treatment room

Why do I need to cancel my appointment with a 24 hour notice?

This allows our office to fill your reserved time-slot and gives another patient time to arrange to be here.

What factors may contribute to me being charged a cancellation fee?

Not giving a 24 hour notice.  This allows us time to fill your reserved time slot.

Not showing up for confirmed appointment.

Canceling over the weekend, Friday-Sunday.  This does not allow us to fill your reserved time slot.

Exceptions are made and are reviewed case-by-case.

W​hy do I need to have my teeth cleaned?​

Saves your life by having professional cleanings we can prevent gum disease. Gum

disease can affect your heart and if you are a diabetic, the cleanings can help maintain a

healthy blood sugar levels.

Prevent Cavities by having a dental exam and x-rays every 6 months to check for decay

Avert Tooth Loss by preventing gum disease

Freshens breath, by keeping good oral hygiene with regular brushing, flossing and having

professional dental cleanings.

Brightens your Smile by having a professional cleaning, the hygienist can remove coffee

tobacco stains.

Saves Money by having 2 cleanings a year, the dentist can catch any problems when they

are small and fix the problem before the problem becomes too big and more expensive.

Source: Mission Peak Dental and Verde Pointe Dental Association

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